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Objectively innovate empowered manufactured products whereas parallel platforms. Holisticly predominate extensible testing procedures for reliable supply chains.

My Toors Story

“MyToors.com” is a holiday company managed by a veteran tourism professionals with profound experience in Tourism business and engaged with the hospitality industry for last two decade.

We rightly claim, that we could cater to all your needs in every segment of the Tourism and Travel industry, which we sure all our guest would truly approve to.

Sajith Johnson Kingsley is an Indian-born Tourism professional with flare in Tourism and Adventure Trekking.  A avid Bike Rider and an experienced Driver who has spent his last 25 years dedicated to his passion turned profession working on a wide range of Tourism projects around the world.

You might have travelled or might have used his Tourism project outcomes like the “Houseboats in Kerala to Temple Festivals of Kerala” a tourism project for which he was part of for Kerala Tourism; or might have travelled through his riding itineraries developed for several biking communities like Royal Enfield Trips,etc ; or might have used the Trekking paths from Munnar to Thekkady discovering and exploring the flora and fauna of South Indian Jungle / Forests.

When asked about his career in Tourism, he’ll usually start with saying “it’s a passion that turned to profession…” and proceeds with a combination of data that he’s still planning out to implement and execute. He usually runs several projects at the same time with vigour and enthusiasm. He even takes pain in teaching the young generation the techniques of sustainable tourism and it’s benefits…  He always spends an unhealthy amount of time prowling into the social networks like Facebook, Instagram etc to develop his enthusiasm to further explore into his passion of travelling and exploration.

A nature and animal lover from his earliest days, he’s is currently working on his own Tourism company “MyToors.com, alongwith an equally passionate youngster – Norvin T. Franklin, the youngest entrepreneur in the virtual world of online businesses.  So, you don’t have to worry about your vacation plan.. you are in the right hands…


Our Mission

Dynamically reinvent the digitally driven tourism opportunities and ubiquitous interfaces. Energistically fabricate an expanded array of niche tourism oppertunity through robust strategic web-readiness.

Our vision is to be the leaders, innovator and creative in the concepts of Vacation Planners & Holiday Travel, positioning our company in the market as the best tourism companies, and getting recognized for our professionalism and standard with high quality products of choices.

Our Mission is to perform and deliver excellent quality service to our clients, with focus on the customers’ requirements to come up with effective strategies for meeting their demands in an efficient manner. Providing them the best and unforgettable vacation and holidays travel, enjoyable, with guaranteed services that exceed their expectations. With this objective, we aim to earn the reputation of the best in the market. The satisfaction our customers enjoy with the touch of an extraordinary service is the main aim, saving your time and money while providing the best value for your trip.

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