Madhya Pradesh

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The Bandhavgarh National Park lies in the heart of the Vindhyan Mountain Range in central India. Besides its enchanting landscape formed by the Sal forest in the valleys and majestic tree clad hills in the back-drop. It is famous for a wide variety of wild-life and archaeological remains of the Kalchuri period.

The park area is hilly and is dominated by the majestic Bandhavgarh fort, built in 14th century. The fort and the adjacent hills have a large number of caves belonging to the pre-historic period.

Area: 280 sq. kms.
Altitude: 400 to 810 metres.
Climate (°C):
Summer: Max 41.4, Min 26
Winter: Max 21.1, Min 9.6
Rainfall: 1174 mms.
Best Season: March to June.

The park is closed from July to Mid-November.

What to see

Wildlife in the park

Tiger, Leopard, Bear, Bison, Chital, Sambhar, Nilgai,Chinkara,Chowsingha,Barking deer, Wild Pig, Hyaena, Porcupine.

Some of the bird species in the park

Peacock, Paradise fly catchers, Jungle Fowl, Golden and Black headed Orioles, Yellow Ioras, Red-vented Bulbuls, Blue Jays, Purple Sunbirds, Green Barbets and Mynahs.